The Woodcote Conservation Group’s Bird Walks have been taking place four times each year ever since our very first outing on a snowy winter’s day in February 2009. Our aim is to record the species we see and/or hear in each of the four seasons along a route that traverses the three main local habitats: the village edge (Area ‘A’ on the map below and in the seasonal species lists), the Chiltern woodland (Area ‘B’), and the hedgerows and open fields of the escarpment below the village (Area ‘C’). Our walks begin outside the Catholic Church in South Stoke Road, and then proceed to the lower path through Dean Wood and out into the open countryside beyond Dean Farm. Our return route is similar, except that in the wood we take the upper path, which passes through a mature larch plantation rather than beneath the beech trees of the lower area. The walks normally take place on Saturday mornings, starting at 10:00, finishing about two hours later, and covering just over two miles in all. The number of species we record on a typical walk is in the mid-twenties, but the overall number through the year is greater than this given seasonal variations, and our overall species total stands at 67 (see table below).

The walks are open to all, including accompanied children. Birdwatching skills are not needed to join in: if you do have them, you’ll be very welcome to share them, and if not, just come along to learn and enjoy, and to discover more about our local countryside!

Stonechat (male) seen by Helen Walkington in November 2020, along the field boundary North of point ‘C’ (see map below). Stonechats are a very infrequent visitor to the Woodcote area – see Autumn Bird Walk 2020 for further details below.
Photo of the first participants on the WCG Bird Walk
Participants on the first WCG Bird Walk near Dean Wood Farmhouse
Near Dean Wood Farmhouse in more clement weather!

Bird Walk Route

Map showing the route of the WCG Bird Walk

Bird Walk Data

The 68 species recorded since Winter 2009 are shown below

The chart below shows the total species identified on each walk since Winter 2009

Summary of completed Bird Walks

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