The 2012 Bird Walk took place on the morning of 27 October – a fine, bright morning, with a strong and very cold easterly wind; the preceding week had been predominantly grey and misty. Three people participated, and 23 species were recorded. This was a noticeably smaller total than on previous autumn walks, and it was particularly striking that – with the exception of a Blue Tit – no birds at all were seen or heard in Dean Wood (though five species were seen flying above the wood). A possible Chiffchaff was very briefly seen in the hedgerow beyond Dean Farm, but – because of the uncertain identification – is not included in the list below or the overall species count. The single Great Black-backed Gull seen flying over the open fields north-west of Dean Farm was a ‘first’ for our Bird Walks.

Red Kite (A, B, C)

Buzzard (B, C)

Black-headed Gull (C)

Common Gull (C)

Lesser Black-backed Gull (A, C)

Herring Gull (C)

Great Black-backed Gull (C)

Woodpigeon (A, B)

Jay (A)

Magpie (C)

Jackdaw (A)

Rook (A, B, C)

Carrion Crow (B)

Blue Tit (A, B, C)

Skylark (A, C)

Starling (A)

Blackbird (C)

Redwing (A)

Mistle Thrush (A)

House Sparrow (A)

Chaffinch (A, C)

Greenfinch (A, C)

Goldfinch (A, C)

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