The 2024 Toad Patrol is now operating every evening until 30th March

If you are interested in joining the Toad Patrol to save as many amphibians as possible during this spawning period then send us a message using the contact button below


For the last few years a growing number of volunteers have been ‘lollipop people’ for Woodcote’s amphibians near Greenmoor Ponds. Armed with torches, they collect the frogs, toads and newts up in buckets and take them across the road to the safety of the ponds. Our objective is to try to maintain the population that has bred in the ponds for many decades.

The adult toads are a minimum of two years old and could be up to five or six years old (thought to be the maximum age of a wild toad). Populations naturally fluctuate from year to year and presumably the number of amphibians which spawn is a reflection both of the breeding success in previous years and the degree of survival of young animals until they are big and old enough to breed. As amphibians can spawn more than once (ie in consecutive years), some of the frogs, toads and newts we will be helping across the road one spring may have been carried across in previous years!

To register you interest please contact us via the Contact Us page!

Woodcote Correspondent Articles & Data

Here are some articles written by the Toad Patrol group for the local Woodcote Correspondent

February 2020 (see page 1)

March 2020 (see pages 6-7)

May 2020 (see page 22)

Statistics from 2020 and 2021:

Amphibian Photos!

image credits: middle left – Alex; lower – Clive Ormonde