With restrictions easing, we’re holding outdoor events again.  Everyone is welcome to attend to learn more about, and help, local wildlife

NEW for 2022!

We will be holding regular conservation work parties to better care for the sites we manage for the Parish Council on the third Saturday of each month, except in July and September.  These are morning sessions and the tasks are like typical gardening work with the advantage that many hands make light work!

Woodcote’s annual toad patrol at Greenmoor Ponds

It’s time for our annual toad patrol! 

Between now and when the clocks change at the end of March, a team of dedicated volunteers are acting as ‘lollipop people’, taking frogs, toads and newts across the roads to the safety of the ponds.

Amphibians migrate to ponds to breed every spring.  To avoid predators like crows, they move when it’s dark, especially at dusk.  At this time of year, dusk coincides with rush hour when the roads are busy making the animals very vulnerable.

If you would like to lend a hand at a toad patrol, come along at dusk on a mild, damp evening.  Bring a clean bucket and a strong torch.  Wear old clothes, wellies or strong boots and hi viz if you’ve got it.  

Email info@woodcotecg.org.uk for further information.

Volunteer work party on Saturday 19 March at 10am

Come along and lend a hand at our next conservation work party here at Greenmoor Ponds when we will be improving the permissive path across the old Thames Water reservoir which has got really muddy over the last few weeks. 

To ensure there’s something for everyone to do, we’ll have two tasks.  The main task will be to cut and install wooden path edges and treads to create new steps.  The second, lighter task will be to restore the dead hedge along the path.

Wear old clothes and wellies or strong boots.  Bring gardening gloves to protect your hands and keep them warm.  Tools will be provided, but you’re welcome to bring secateurs or loppers if you have them. 

We look forward to seeing you on 19th March.  Email info@woodcotecg.org.uk if you have any queries.

Spring bird walk on Saturday 9 April at 10am

Meet at the Catholic church, South Stoke Road

If you’d like to learn more about the birds found in and around Woodcote, join us on our spring bird walk.

Our walk will take us through Dean Wood and nearby fields so we will see and hear species which like woods, hedges and open countryside.  Our route is about two miles and usually takes a couple of hours, depending upon the birds – we typically record 20-30 species.

The event is open to all, including accompanied children.  Bird watching skills aren’t needed to join in – experts will be on hand to help identify the species we encounter, by sight and through bird song. 

Please wear stout footwear as the paths might be muddy, and bring binoculars if you have them. 

Email info@woodcotecg.org.uk if you have any queries.

Volunteer work party at Greenmoor Ponds on Saturday 16 April at 10am

Come and lend a hand for a couple of hours to help at our next conservation work party here, at Greenmoor Ponds. 

We will have a range of tasks to ensure the paths around the ponds and through the woods are easily accessible.  The work will be no more strenuous than typical gardening and you can join us for as long as you like.

Wear old clothes and wellies/stout footwear and bring gardening gloves to protect your hands.  Tools will be provided, but you’re welcome to bring along secateurs or loppers if you have them. 

This green gym exercise might make you thirsty and peckish so bring a water bottle or flask and a snack for elevenses.

We look forward to seeing you on Easter Saturday.  Please email info@woodcotecg.org.uk if you have any queries.

Events Diary

DateTimeVenue or Meeting pointEvent
15 January10.00Greenmoor PondsWorking Party
29 & 30 JanuaryRSPB Garden Bird Survey Weekend
12 February10.00Catholic ChurchWinter Bird Walk
19 February10.00Tidmore PoolWorking Party
19 March10.00Old reservoir site by Greenmoor PondsWorking Party
9 April10.00Catholic ChurchSpring Bird Walk
16 April10.00Greenmoor PondsWorking Party
21 May10.00Tidmore PoolWorking Party
27 May – Friday20.30Meet at entrance to Greenmoor PondsWoodcock Walk (with bat detectors)  
11 June 10.00Catholic ChurchSummer Bird Walk
18 June10.00Old reservoir site by Greenmoor PondsWorking Party
16 July14.00TBCButterfly Walk
6 August 10.00Village Hall StartWCG guided walk to a local pub
20 August10.00Tidmore PoolWorking Party
10 September12 – 17.00Village GreenVillage Fair
15 October10.00Greenmoor PondsWorking Party
22 October TBC10.30TBC but woods near WoodcoteFungus Foray
5 November10.00Catholic ChurchAutumn Bird Walk
10 November19.30Community CentreAGM
19 November10.00Greenmoor PondsWorking Party
17 December10.00AllotmentsWorking Party