Welcome to the recent sightings page of the Woodcote Conservation group! This page is used to record recent sightings by group members, and other interested parties. Please send us information about anything you see or hear in the local area via our Contact Us page. Photos much appreciated!

August 2023Beef-steak fungus (?)Working party team Tidmore Pool
July 2022White admiral butterflyPhil RobertsWoodcote garden, also seen on Beech Lane, near to Beech Farm turn
Jan 2022White headed blue titEric GrimesHilltop field vicinity
May 2021Spotted FlycatcherPhil RobertsWoodcote garden
November 2020StonechatJohn SandfordOpen fields beyond Dean Farm
September 2020Hummingbird HawkmothHelen WalkingtonGarden on Behoes Lane
August 2020Common FrogRachel SandersonTidmore Pool, during pond clear up
July 2020Purple Hairstreak ButterflyHelen WalkingtonMature Oak tree on Behoes Lane
June 2020Brown HareJohn SandfordFields near Dean Farm
June 2020Marbled white butterflyEric GrimesGarden on Behoes Lane
June 2020Marbled white butterflyHeather WrightA4074 footpath en route to Ipsden
May 2020Reed buntings in amongst a flock of linnetsPhil RobertsSouth Stoke road crossroads

Beef-steal fungus (?) at Tidmore Pool

White headed blue tit, seen in the vicinity of Hilltop Field
Stonechat seen in November in open field beyond Dean Farm