Every year we hold a walk in the local area to see and hear bats (with the help of a bat detector). Local species include common pipistrelle, soprano pipistrelle and brown long eared bats. Memebers of the group have also seen daubenton’s bats feeding / drinking from the Greenmore ponds in the past.

DateWhoWhereCommon pipistrelleSoprano pipistrelleBrown long-eared batDaubenton’s bat
June 2020PR/HW/EGBehoes Lane / South Stoke Road5?
June 2019WCGCollege Woods, combined with Woodcock walk
June 2018WCGCollege Woods, combined with Woodcock walk
June 2017
June 2016
June 2015
Aug 2014WCGDean Wood & South Stoke Road2
June 2014PR/HW/LWRecreation ground / fp along back on Langtree School22
June 2013Rained Off
May 2012WCGDean Wood & South Stoke Road≥ 5≥ 2
June 2011PR/HWSouth Stoke Road / Behoes Lane, August 2011 (PR)52
July 2011WCGGreenmore Ponds42
May 2011WCGDean / High Wood32
July 2011WCGGreenmore Ponds33
May 2010WCGDean / High Wood44
May 2010PR/HWSouth Stoke Road / High Wood, May 2010312 (line of trees on SSR next to fp for High Wood)
July 2009PR/HWBehoes Lane, Summer 20091 (dead outside Molveno)
unspecified dates before 2009PL,KWGreenmore Pondsnumerous