The Spring Bird Walk took place on the morning of 2 May, a cold, windy and cloudy day after the sunniest April on record. Seven people participated, and the 27 species listed below were recorded – one fewer than on last year’s Spring Walk.

Buzzard (C )

Kestrel (C)

Red Kite (A, B, C)

Pheasant A, (B, C)

Black-headed Gull (C – c. 2)

Woodpigeon (A, B, C)

Skylark (C)

Green Woodpecker (B)

Great Spotted Woodpecker (B)

Carrion Crow (A, C)

Rook (A – a solitary bird)

Magpie (C)

Goldcrest (B)

Blue Tit (A, B, C)

Great Tit (B)

Swallow (C)

Whitethroat (C)

Chiffchaff (B)

Blackcap (B, C – large numbers everywhere this spring)

Nuthatch (B)

Wren (A B, C)

Robin (A, B)

Blackbird (A, B)

Chaffinch (A, C)

Goldfinch (A)

Dunnock (A)

House Sparrow (A, C)