The 2010 Bird Walk took place on the morning of 23 October – a cool day, with rain later. Eight people participated, and the following 29 species were recorded. This compared with the 35 species seen the previous year – this year’s ‘missing’ species being: Cormorant, Common Gull, Pheasant, Kestrel, Great-spotted Woodpecker, Treecreeper, and House Sparrow. One new species was recorded this year: the Tawny Owl that was heard calling from Dean Wood.

1. Red-legged Partridge (C)

2. Red Kite (A, C)

3. Buzzard (C)

4. Lapwing (C)

5. Black-headed Gull (C)

6. Lesser Black-backed Gull (C)

7. Woodpigeon (A, C)

8. Tawny Owl (B – heard from C)

9. Jay (B, C)

10. Magpie (A, B)

11. Jackdaw (A)

12. Rook (A, C)

13. Carrion Crow (C)

14. Goldcrest (A)

15. Blue Tit (B, C)

16. Great Tit (B)

17. Coal Tit (B)

18. Skylark (A, C) (several on open fields, and a number singing)

19. Nuthatch (B)

20. Wren (B, C)

21. Starling (A)

22. Blackbird (C)

23. Redwing (A)

24. Robin (A, B)

25. Pied Wagtail (C)

26. Meadow Pipit (A, C) (large numbers in fields NW of Dean Farm)

27. Chaffinch (A, B, C)

28. Greenfinch (A, C)

29. Goldfinch (A, C)