The Spring Bird Walk took place on the morning of 14 May, a cool day after a couple of weeks of indifferent though very dry weather. (April on the other hand had been exceptionally warm and sunny.) Eleven people participated, and the 29 species listed below were recorded. This was the same number as on last year’s Spring Walk. However, six species (Red-legged Partridge, Lapwing, Collared Dove, Song Thrush, Nuthatch, and Jay) seen on last year’s Walk were not seen this year, but this was made up for by six additions to the 2010 Spring list: Dunnock, Long-tailed Tit, Cuckoo, Swallow, Mistle Thrush, and Firecrest. This latter was heard singing at the end of the walk at the edge of Dean Wood. The Cuckoo had been heard by several people around the village over the past week or so.

Red Kite (A, B, C)

Buzzard (C)

Pheasant (B, C)

Woodpigeon (A)

Cuckoo (B)

Skylark (C)

Swallow (C)

Long-tailed Tit (B)

House Martin (C)

Wren (B)

Robin (B)

Blackbird (A, B, C)

Mistle Thrush (C)

Dunnock (A, C)

Blackcap (B)

Whitethroat (B, C)

Chiffchaff (B)

Blue Tit (B)

Great Tit (C)

Magpie (A)

Jackdaw (A, B, C)

Rook (A, C)

Carrion Crow (A, B, C)

Firecrest (B)

Starling (A)

House Sparrow (A)

Chaffinch (A, B, C)

Greenfinch (A)

Goldfinch (A, C)

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