On the 5th November with.6 people taking part, 23 different species listed below were identified. The weather was very mild and overcast with rain that threatened but did not materialise.

Pheasant (B,C)

Red Kite (A,B,C)

Buzzard (B,C)

Lesser Black- Backed Gull (C)

Woodpigeon (A, B,)J

Jay (C)

Magpie (C)

Carrion Crow (A, C)

Raven (C)

Blue Tit (A,C)

Great Tit (B)

Skylark (C)

Wren (A, C)

Blackbird (B, C)

Fieldfare (A,C)

Redwing (A)

Robin (B)

Meadow Pippit (C)

Pied Wagtail (A)

Chaffinch (C)

Greenfinch (A, C)

Goldfinch (A, C)

Yellowhammer (C)

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