The walk took place on the morning of 5 November, a mild and initially rainy day. There were five participants, and the following 24 species were recorded. (Interestingly, though this was three fewer than on last year’s Autumn Walk, eight of this year’s species were not seen last year.)

Red-legged Partridge (C)

Pheasant (A,C)

Red Kite (C)

Herring Gull (C – c. 10 on field to NW)

Woodpigeon (A,C)

Dunnock (A,C)

Robin (A)

Great-spotted Woodpecker (A)

Magpie (A,C)

Jackdaw (B)

Carrion Crow (C – loose flocks on the fields; no Rooks were identified)

Starling (A – a flock of c.200)

Long-tailed Tit (B)

Blue Tit (A,B,C)

Great Tit (C)

Blackbird (A,B,C)

Fieldfare (A,C – small but frequent groups were seen: an exceptionally large influx of this species, and of Redwings, had been reported from the north of the country)

Redwing (A,C)

House Sparrow (A)

Chaffinch (B,C)

Goldfinch (A)

Greenfinch (C)

Linnet (C – numerous near the game-bird feeders)

Yellowhammer (C – c.3)