The Walk took place on 31 October. Six people took part, and the 31 species listed below were identified. The autumn had been very mild to date. The weather was misty at the beginning of the walk, but the mist had largely cleared by 11:30. A shoot was getting underway in area C, and the beaters flushed several pheasants, a species which, oddly, we rarely see.

Pheasant (heard in B, then several flushed by beaters in C)

Red Kite (B, C)

Buzzard (B,C)

Herring Gull (C)

Great Spotted Woodpecker (A)

Kestrel (C)

Woodpigeon (A, B, C)

Jay (A, C)

Magpie (A, C)

Jackdaw (C)

Rook (C – mainly in the distance by the airfield)

Carrion Crow (C)

Raven (C – one)

Goldcrest (B)

Blue Tit (A, B, C)

Great Tit (B)

Coal Tit (B)

Skylark (C – at least one singing)

Nuthatch (B)

Wren (A, C)

Starling (C – flock in trees near Fieldfares on Buzzard Ridge)

Blackbird (A, B, C)

Fieldfare (B, C – large restless flock in trees on Buzzard Ridge above Dean Farm; est. <100 individuals, just as last year)

Redwing (A, C)

Robin (A, B – singing)

House Sparrow (A)

Pied Wagtail (A)

Chaffinch (A, C)

Greenfinch (A, C)

Goldfinch (A, C)

Yellowhammer (C – on ground by Buzzard Ridge)

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