The 2020 Summer Walk took place on the morning of 21 June. The weather was mainly cloudy with a keen breeze.(The spring had been exceptionally warm and sunny, though the weekend of the Walk was preceded by a series of more rainy days.) The following 21 species were recorded. The sighting of two swallows in area C was quite exceptional, as this species has hardly been seen at all this year, and this is even more the case with swifts. House martins, on the other hand, though not recorded on this particular Walk, have been regularly present in very small numbers in area A. But on the positive side as far as summer visitors are concerned, Blackcaps and whitethroats have been present in Woodcote in larger numbers than for some years.

Buzzard (C)

Red Kite (A, B, C: a nest noted in Dean Wood contained at least one large young bird)

Kestrel (A)

Woodpigeon (A, B, C)

Magpie (C)

Jackdaw (A, B)

Carrion Crow (C)

Blue Tit (B)

Skylark (C)

Swallow (C: two low over the open fields)

Whitethroat (A)

Chiffchaff (B)

Blackcap (B, C)

Wren (A, B, C)

Dunnock (B)

Robin (C)

Blackbird (A, B)

House Sparrow (A)

Chaffinch (B)

Goldfinch (A)

Bullfinch (B)