The 2022 Summer Walk took place on the morning of 19 June, with eight participants. The weather – which had been exceptionally hot in recent days – was cool and mainly cloudy. The following 23 species were recorded. The swallows, of which several were feeding over Area C, were a pleasant and welcome surprise, as was the little group of 5 swifts passing over Area A at the start of the Walk, as these species had been almost completely absent from the village so far (and continued to be so over the subsequent days). No house martins were seen on the Walk.

Buzzard (C)

Kestrel (C)

Red Kite (A, B, C)

Woodpigeon (A, B, C)

Swift (A – group of 5 passing over)

Skylark (C)

Swallow (C)

Magpie (A)

Jackdaw (A, B)

Carrion Crow (C)

Long-tailed Tit (B – group of c. 5))

Blue Tit (A, C)

Great Tit (B)

Nuthatch (B)

Blackcap (B, C)

Chiffchaff (B)

Wren (B)

Dunnock (B)

Robin (B, C)

Blackbird (A, B, C)

Song Thrush (A, B)

House Sparrow (A)

Goldfinch (A)