The Walk took place on the morning of 9 April, a predominantly sunny day with a strong cold NW wind. The weather over several days in the second part of March had been unusually sunny and mild, but some sharp night frosts had followed. The following 26 species were recorded – the same total as on last year’s Spring Walk. The only summer visitors noted were a number of Chiffchaffs (already heard singing in Dean Wood on 14 March), and at least two Blackcaps.

Pheasant (B)

Buzzard (B)

Red Kite (A,B,C)

Kestrel (A,C)

Stock Dove (B)

Woodpigeon (A,B)

Skylark (C)

Wren (B,C)

Robin (A,B,C)

Blackbird (A,B)

Blackcap (B)

Chiffchaff (A,B)

Coal Tit (B)

Blue Tit (A,B,C)

Great Tit (B)

Nuthatch (A,B)

Magpie (A,C : including two seen robbing Blackbirds’ nest on South Stoke Road)

Jay (B)

Jackdaw (A)

Rook (B)

Carrion Crow (C)

Starling (A)

House Sparrow (A)

Chaffinch (A,C)

Goldfinch (A)

Greenfinch (A,C: population appears to be recovering after several years of near-absence)