The 2017 Summer Walk took place on the morning of 15 July. There were ten participants. The weather was cloudy, and continuous rain set in soon after the walk began. The following 25 species were recorded.

Pheasant (C)

Red Kite (A, B, C)

Kestrel (A)

Woodpigeon (A, B)

Great Spotted Woodpecker (A)

Magpie (A)

Carrion Crow (B, C)

Blue Tit (B, C)

Swift (C)

Skylark (C)

Swallow (A, C)

House Martin (A)

Chiffchaff (B)

Blackcap (B)

Nuthatch (B)

Wren (B, C)

Starling (A)

Blackbird (A, B, C)

Song Thrush (B, C)

Robin (B, C)

Dunnock (A, C)

House Sparrow (A, C) (The small group in the hedgerow in Area C was unexpected: normally on these walks this species is confined to Area A.)

Chaffinch (A)

Goldfinch (A, C)

Yellowhammer (C)