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We do not use cookies on this site with the exception of the forum. Cookies are small text files created when you visit a web site that includes a command to create them. The file contain pieces of information stored in a folder on your computer ready to be accessed again in the future. They allow information to be stored that is specific to you which allows the web site the retrieve that information next time you visit the site. For example, cookies are used to save personalized settings from web sites, to store shopping basket content on some online shops and to store information about the number of times the visitor has visited a web site, to name a few. It is important to note that only the web site that set the cookie can have access to it and that a web site cannot access cookies already stored by other sites. Cookies are used within the forum for a number of things, the main one being the automatic login feature. When you click the ‘Log Me In Automatically’ box available on most forums, the forum will set a cookie with your information in. Next time you visit the forums, you will be automatically logged in. Many browsers allow users to prevent cookies being created, however this may reduce the functionality available to users of the forum.

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