Autumn Bird Walk 2011

The 2011 Bird Walk took place on the morning of 22 October - a fine, bright day, with a light south-easterly wind. Seven people participated, and the following 31 species were recorded. These included six species not recorded on the 2010 Autumn Bird Walk: Pheasant, Sparrowhawk, Kestrel, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Fieldfare, and House Sparrow. Three species recorded on the 2010 walk were missing this time: Lesser Black-backed Gull, Tawny Owl, and Goldcrest.

  1. Pheasant
  2. Red Kite (A, B, C)
  3. Sparrowhawk (B)
  4. Buzzard (B, C)
  5. Kestrel (C)
  6. Lapwing (C)
  7. Black-headed Gull (C)
  8. Woodpigeon (A)
  9. Great Spotted Woodpecker (A, B)
  10. Jay (C)
  11. Magpie (A, C)
  12. Jackdaw (A)
  13. Rook (A, B, C)
  14. Carrion Crow (A)
  15. Blue Tit (A, B)
  16. Great Tit (B)
  17. Coal Tit (B)
  18. Skylark (C)
  19. Nuthatch (B)
  20. Wren (B, C)
  21. Starling (C)
  22. Blackbird (A)
  23. Fieldfare (A)
  24. Redwing (A)
  25. Robin (A, B)
  26. House Sparrow (A)
  27. Pied Wagtail (A)
  28. Meadow Pipit (C)
  29. Chaffinch (A, B, C)
  30. Greenfinch (A)
  31. Goldfinch (A)